LMPD traffic stop for seat belt turns into gun search

When Louisville Police Detective William Mayo pulled over a motorist last year for improperly wearing his seat belt and the driver refused to consent to a search of his van, Mayo had this to say:

"There are two types of people" who refuse to consent, Mayo told the driver, "people who are just assholes and people who have something to hide."

Miguel A. Ballard Jr. eventually agreed to have his van searched, and police found a handgun inside.

But Jefferson Circuit Judge Annie O’Connell threw out that evidence, saying she could think of "another kind of person who might wish to deny consent to search: citizens exercising their constitutional rights."

O’Connell ruled last month that the search was illegally extended and that Mayo, of the Ninth Mobile Division, and other officers coerced Ballard into consenting.

All the felony charges against him carrying a concealed weapon, being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun and violating a protective order by carrying a gun will be dropped.


By: Juggernaut (19967.50)

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