Newly released video of officers shooting Cody Belgard

In the moments before Salt Lake City police opened fire on a popular Glendale rapper, officers can be heard on body camera footage, shouting, “He’s got a gun!” and “He’s pointing, he’s pointing!”

But police on Wednesday confirmed that investigators found no gun at the scene or on Cody Belgard. A video shows his girlfriend telling police before the shooting that Belgard has no gun. And his family says his autopsy shows he was shot in the back.

Police on Wednesday released body camera footage from Nov. 9, showing officers shooting and killing Cody Belgard, as well as footage from a confrontation earlier that night, when Belgard struck a police cruiser while fleeing from officers who approached him in a Sugar House parking lot.

Belgard’s family has questioned why police shot Belgard, 30. Now, they say, the videos raise even more questions.

“The footage doesn’t match what they’re saying,” said Marvin Oliveros, Belgard’s older brother. “Everybody saw his back turned.”

Only two of the five officers who fired on Belgard were wearing cameras that captured video of Belgard before the shooting; two others were obstructed, and one officer either was not wearing a camera or didn’t have it turned on, said Sgt. Brandon Shearer. The videos that do show Belgard aren’t clear. He does appear to be facing away from the officer who first announces that Belgard has a gun.


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