Police Interrupt Armored Car Robbery Outside South, CA Gate Bank

Police arrested two suspects and sought a third after interrupting a takeover-style armored car robbery outside a bank in South Gate early Sunday, authorities said.

The crime took place about 8:20 a.m. outside a Bank of America branch, 4400 Tweedy Blvd., according to the South Gate Police Department.

Officers responded to calls reporting a "robbery in progress," the department said in a written statement. Several suspects fled from officers when they arrived.

"South Gate police officers interrupted a takeover robbery of an armored truck at the location," the statement said. "The armored transport employees were rescued without injury by South Gate police officers."

The bank was closed at the time of the heist, officials said.

Officers ultimately found and arrested two of the armed robbers, but a third eluded capture, police said. No further details were released.

A Garda armored transport truck sat behind yellow police tape in the parking lot of the bank. Next to it, a white Nissan Sentra with no bumper, paper license plates and two holes in its rear windshield could be seen.

A witness told KTLA he had just left a coffee shop when he saw the robbery unfolding.

Three men got out of the white Nissan and approached two armored car employees, who appeared to be refilling ATMs, he said.

The robbers took the guards back to the armored truck, according to the witness.

The sound of approaching police sirens appeared to cut the robbery short, he said.

Video provided by a witness shows the white car making a U-turn, then coming to a stop as a police SUV arrived in the parking lot. Two figures in black clothing can be seen getting out of the car and running from the officer.

A bloodhound from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was brought in to assist in the search for the armed suspects, officials said.


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Location: South Gate, CA