Hunter Biden: Hitting that Parmesan Like Woah

Los Angeles, CA -- In what is now clarifying into either a media sponsored rehabilitation effort or an effort to lay ground work for what is about to be released as part of the FBI investigation into Hunter's Lap Top we get more of the story.

The portrayal of himself as a hopeless crack addict, out of his mind and out of control does not compare well with a man getting paid millions of dollars from China and Russia directly, running a start up hedge fund firm receiving $1.5 billion in seed money from China and sitting on the board of one of the largest privately held energy groups in the world.

Still, if true, then it only heightens the question of motivation by the Chinese and Russians. Not paying a drug addled, rug crawling, cheese smoker but just getting to pops.

The man had and has money and, if you have money and want crack, then crack can and will be delivered to your door 24/7 and twice on holidays.

I doubt it and the "look at you wide eyed" shenagigans was played out by his pop a couple decades ago...come on, man!

On the other hand, suggesting the laptop was stolen or hacked provides cover for the Main Stream Media when they don't cover it...falling back to the "it was hacked and the authenticity cannot be verified" story and they are just being appropriate reporters. It may also make evidence submission and court use more complicated in a prosecution.

Either way, his writing a book and making the sit down media circuit is odd and, as with any on the "sleight of hand" bunch in Washington, nothing is every what you are seeing.

If this is an attempt to lay the foundation for something then logic would suggest something bad is coming down the pike for Hunter.


By: Low UFO (6181.90)

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