Hissing cobra found hiding inside motorbike in western India

A resident of an apartment in Pune in western India saw a cobra slithering into a parked motorbike on June 14.

He called snake rescuer Saidas Kusal, who went with his team, to the apartment in the Wagholi area of the city to rescue the snake.

The fully grown adult cobra was very aggressive and reluctant to come out.

Though Saidas grabbed its tail a few times, he was unable to pull it out as the snake had buried itself deep inside the bike.

It kept hissing continuously and came out a few times to take a swipe at him.

Saidas dismantled parts of the bike and managed to pull it out safely. It was put in a black bag and released later at a nearby habitat.

He said: “The snake was ferocious but I am happy we worked patiently and rescued it without any incident. Due to the Corona lockdown many people are not using their vehicles making them an ideal shelter for snakes.”



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Location: India