Teenagers put out the Eternal Flame

On the evening of Friday, May 29, young people poured water on the Eternal Flame on the Glory Square in Nizhny Tagil - the surveillance camera captured the actions of the young vandals.

The record shows that the youths purposefully approached the monument and filled the flames with liquid from the bottle, and then left.

According to media reports , law enforcement officials have already joined in the search for the suspects.

Note that recently in different cities of Russia there have been cases of inappropriate attitude towards memorials. So, in Odintsovo near Moscow, men drank water in a bucket on the Eternal Flame, in Kronstadt, a man and two women thought of frying sausages in a flame , and in Chernogolovka a wreath was crushed at the monument in honor of the Great Victory.

It is noteworthy that in the vast majority of cases, law enforcement officers are able to quickly go on the trail of suspects, some of whom face punishment with the prospect of real imprisonment.



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Location: Nizhny Tagil, Russia