Terrifying moment stage collapses during music concert

This is the terrifying moment musicians and spectators ran for safety after a stage collapsed during a concert.

Revelers were enjoying the performance when the four-leveled stage gave way in Chiyaphum province, Thailand collapsed on Sunday (September 13).

Footage shows spectators dancing along with the music before the huge backdrop fell down and the musicians jumped off the stage.

Band director Anirut Dongthong said: "We were shocked when it happened while playing the show. We left the stage right after the top part of the wall tumbled down.

"Luckily no members of the audience or musicians were injured by the accident. Everyone was safe and no one was hurt."

Anirut added that the huge backdrop must have been blown over by strong winds which broke due to the the impact.

The damage to the venue and some equipment was estimated to be around 100,000 Baht (2,482GBP).

The band director added that they will stop any future performances until the structure has been secured to prevent any more accidents.


By: NewsFlare (90036.00)

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Location: Thailand