Bodycam Shows Las Vegas Police Officer Shoot Suspect Armed With Knife

Las Vegas police have named the officer who fired multiple rounds that fatally wounded a knife-wielding man Monday afternoon.

Officer David Stockton, 44, fired two rounds at the man as he moved toward him with a knife outside an apartment on the 2200 block of West Bonanza Road, near North Tonopah Drive. Stockton has been with the Metropolitan Police Department since May 2007.

Officers responded to a call to the man’s apartment for a welfare check. One officer struck the man with a Taser after it appeared he was holding a knife behind his back, police said in a news release.

The man began swinging a knife at officers, cutting one on the hand, police said. Another officer then struck him with a Taser again, which also had no effect. When the man moved toward Stockton, the officer shot him, police said.


By: Juggernaut (18757.10)

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Location: Nevada