Teacher uses towel to wipe off students' makeup at school gate in China

A teacher was captured using a towel to wipe off students' makeup at a school gate in southwestern China.

The clip, shot in Sansui county in Guizhou province on September 1, shows a teacher using a towel to wipe the students' faces before they enter the school.

The teacher cleaned the towel in a water bucket every time after he used it to wipe a student's face.

Another teacher can be heard saying: "Her eyelids are red. It's a popular colour of the eye shadows in this year."

According to reports, the school has banned the students from wearing makeup, but there were still several students breaking the rule. The school said, the teacher's action might be a bit over the top, but it was good for the students.

A netizen commented, "It is good for the students as they should not have makeup, but the method was inappropriate."

Another netizen said: "It is a bit early for middle school students to do makeup. It is not only bad for their skin but also interrupts their study."



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