Bealach and his dog

Hi Liveleakers,
Help out a fellow LiveLeaker if you can. If you're a dog-lover then click the link and read Bealach's story. If you end up having to wipe your eyes you might donate a few pounds, and if you don't end up having to wipe your eyes then you might donate a few pounds anyway :)

For the record (as I state in the video), Bealach didn't ask me to do this and I didn't even ask him so I wouldn't be surprised if he asks me to take it down so be quick :)

He did post the link in my thread so I figured he doesn't mind it being shared.

This clip will probably get banned for being spam :(

He's halfway to his goal, but it's slowed right down and there is only 2 weeks left.




By: MickyD (801.00)

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