Vladimir Putin's downfall

Yesterday, president of Russia Vladimir Putin took part in a match of the Night Hockey League in Sochi. Putin played for the Legends of Hockey team, which was opposed by the All-Stars team of the Night Hockey League. He scored 10 goals (the best achievement by any player of either team). In the end, Putin's team won by a score of 14: 7.

Making the triumphant circle of the rink with his club, greeting and waving to the fans, Putin did not notice the red carpet laid out on the ice and fell. However, this did not spoil the mood of the president - he quickly rose and continued the "circle of honor."

For twenty years that he holds the title of the National Leader of Russia, Putin demonstrated incredible athletic abilities more than once.
It's hard to believe it, but Putin only started to skate a few years ago and he already plays on par with retired professional players from the National Hockey League.

Moreover, he is the best sniper on the team, regularly having multi-goal games.


By: Xyecoc (1535.98)

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Location: Sochi, Russia