Dermatologist removes pimples from Vietnamese man's forehead

A dermatologist removed pimples from a man's forehead in Vietnam.

Video captured the moment of a dermatologist removing a long blackhead from a man's forehead in Nam Dinh on March 4.

According to the dermatologist named Dr Anh, the man came to her clinic with many pimples on his forehead. He said that the pimples have been on his forehead for the past few months and they were becoming bigger.

After an examination, the dermatologist removed the pimples for the man.

The doctor was surprised when the blackheads on his forehead produced long white strings.

This is a form of pimple that has grown under a man's skin for a long time and accumulates. If the pimples were not removed early, they would create lumps and the man would have to have surgery.

The man was amazed to see the rope-liked pimple removed by the doctor from his forehead.


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Location: Vietnam