Political Incorrect Radio from Dr. Demento

Back in the 80's really use to enjoy Dr. Demento playing tracks that were not always musical but usually funny & not politically correct. Thought I'd post a couple of songs/bits I heard first on his show. Can purchase recording of his old radio programs here with playlist: https://www.drdemento.com/ All credit to the original authors & enjoy LLer's. Included:
1. Nanook Rubs It (from the Apostrophe (a great) album, song after Don't Eat The Yellow Snow) - Frank Zappa
2. Beerhunter (Deerhunter movie reference..) - Bob & Doug McKenzie
3. The Smoke Off - Shel Silverstein
4. Let's Make A Dope Deal (Let's Make A Deal TV reference..) - Cheech & Chong
5. Hi Fi Shop Sketch (from Not The Nine O'Clock News TV show) - only heard audio version before finding this today..
6. I Wanna Kiss Her - Tim Cavanagh



By: Greg Nester (1973.10)

Tags: politically incorrect, comedy, Dr Demento, Frank Zappa, Bob & Doug McKenzie, Shel Silverstein, Cheech & Chong, Not The Nine O'Clock News, Tim Cavanagh