Former player of Premier Russian League condemns wide-spread racism in Russia

Former Zenith defender, French citizen Sébastien Puygrenier said that fans of the St. Petersburg club are racists. Interview with a Frenchman published on the website of the publication "So Foot".

Puygrenier recalled that during his stay with Zenith (from 2008 to 2012), he had repeatedly encountered manifestations of racism on the part of club fans. He also read fan polls, and their position was clear: the team should not have black players. According to Puygrenier this position remains unchanged.

He also noticed that there were no black people on the streets of St. Petersburg. On the whole, according to Puygrenier, it is difficult to solve the problem of racism in Russia, because society here is far behind European. “They seem to live in a bubble,” the footballer said.

Zenith starts at the group stage of the Champions League on September 17. The team will hold the first match in France, its rivals - the local Lyon.

In August, the tabloid "The Sun" published material that described the fans' rejection of the St. Petersburg club of the black Brazilian newcomer Malkom. The author of the article drew attention to the banner of fans with the inscription: "Thanks to the leadership for their loyalty to traditions". Zenith did not agree with the accusations.


By: Xyecoc (1580.28)

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