Palm tree swings back-and-forth like punch bag during Mumbai storms

This is the astonishing moment a palm tree is flung back-and-forth as a terrified family family watch during storms in Mumbai, India, this morning.

The huge tree was tossed around as driving monsoon rain and gusts of up to 100 km/h battered the city causing flash floods and widespread damage.

Footage shows the 40ft tall tree being blown around as terrified Kerman and partner Chanandler watched on their white balcony.

They said the scene showed ''nature's fury'' as the storm wreaked havoc across the city with incessant rain and winds disrupting rail and road traffic.

The city has been hit with heavy rains for two consecutive days causing flash floods across the region. Winds of up to 100km/h uprooted trees, damaged cranes and tore down hoardings and awnings.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said in a statement: ''Mumbai city and suburbs are very likely to receive few spells of moderate to heavy rainfall (1-2 cm/hour) during next 3-4 hours accompanied with strong winds reaching 60-70 kmph occasionally gusting to 80 kmph. During next 3-4 hours. Possibility of thunder/lightning in some areas.''



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Location: Mumbai