Trump determined to lie and keep lying over and over tweets shit on mueller as crazy haters, oh how’s complying with taxes release subpoena

Trump hopes gee if I keep saying fake shit over and over folks will get bored, confused, start believing the shit I feed them. Anyone wants law and order or my taxes, fuck you. I’m now rogue dictator running shit with no laws.

Donald J. Trump
.....Despite the fact that the Mueller Report was “composed” by Trump Haters and Angry Democrats, who had unlimited funds and human resources, the end result was No Collusion, No Obstruction. Amazing!
8:09 AM · Apr 25, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

It’s not amazing it’s fucking weird. Trump must have a brain tumour or syphilis to be so bluntly stupid and refusing democratic policies of a free America. Memes yes there are memes.

poll: Trump getting freaky or cheeky by obsolving himself from democracy?

I dunno but terrified an option, right?
Cheeky, sly dog morphed onto a despot
Freaky, the guy is a fucked specimen of entitlement


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