Canadian woman completes incredible first ever high dive into frozen lake

Incredible footage from Quebec, Canada, has captured the moment a woman successfully completed the first ever high dive into a frozen lake. The project was undertaken by Lysanne Richard, an award winning professional high diver, who is no stranger to pushing past limits. To make the 22-meter high dive possible, her team had to cut a hole into 24-inch thick ice in the Chaudière-Appalaches region.

Lysanne has a love affair with the sport of diving and an addiction to the energy she gets from successfully completing new projects. She began indoor preparations for the jump months in advance by following physical and mental self-improvement methods that enable her to break past her comfort zone.

In February a decision was finally made to initiate operations to make the outdoor dive a reality. On March 14, with the support of her team and safety precautions in place including a helicopter, Lysanne successfully completed the dive.


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Location: Canada