Want To Visit Europe or the West? Don't go to Paris, London or New York. Go To Sankt Petersburg.

Most US cities have had real problems with funding for city services so trash is everywhere, homeless by the thousands living on sidewalks, using the streets and parks as toilets, high crime, many mentally handicapped people are turned away from mental hospitals and no services for the very poor have really taken their toll on the livability of much of cities. In wealthy districts, conditions are much better since wealthy people have a lot of political power. Every year for average people, it gets worse.

That is the opposite in Russia were a lot goes into maintaining cities and more and more in rural areas. St Petersburg in summer is getting too popular to keep up maintenance but they do a pretty good job. This year it had 9 million visitors and with visa, rule changes October 1 for many countries the city expects 12,000,000 with 80% from May 1 to mid-September. Chinese visitors make up 22% of the visitors but they are also going to all the tourist destinations in Europe but in smaller numbers and growing. Americans and Finns were the most common foreign visitors but with all the fake news in the US most are not coming. That is ok since there is not enough hotel space for them anyway.

Both St Petersburg and Moscow have become really great placed to live, often voted as the best places to live in Europe. Cost of living is low, good cheap transportation, low taxes, more cultural activities than anywhere and safe welcoming places. The popular destinations in Europe have really gone downhill and are straining with mass immigration increases and fast-rising violence and other crime.


By: AEI (2163.20)

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Location: Russia