Sword pulled out during fight over garbage

Broward Sheriff's Office deputies are searching for a man who was captured on home surveillance video swinging a sword at another man in Oakland Park during a dispute over a discarded plastic dump cart.

Investigators are releasing clear video of the suspect captured on the victim’s home surveillance system on July 15. That evening, the victim had gone for a jog around his neighborhood in Oakland Park when he stumbled upon a bulk trash pile in front of a home near Prospect Road and Northwest 11th Terrace. The jogger noticed the pile had caught the eye of a man in a white, older-model pickup who was already perusing through the items. The jogger stopped and decided to look around as well and found a black heavy-duty dump cart he decided to stake claim to. The other man became upset, feeling he had rights over the pile since he was looking through it first. The two exchanged words, but the jogger took the cart and ran behind it as he pushed the item home.

Once the jogger arrived at this home, he realized he was followed by the man, who was carrying what appeared to be a red stick. As the suspect got closer to the jogger, he removed a long sword from a red sheath and began swinging it at the jogger as he tried to wrestle the cart away. The jogger eventually told the man the attack was being captured on video. The suspect saw the camera and retreated but threatened to return.

Due to the altercation, the jogger left the cart sitting in his front yard. Minutes later, he spotted a woman approach and drag the cart away from his yard as she flung insults at the jogger. Detectives believe the suspect and the woman know each other.


By: Juggernaut (19894.80)

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