Dashcam shows deadly trooper-involved shooting in Buckeye

The Department of Public Safety released on Tuesday dramatic dashcam video of a trooper-involved shooting that happened in Buckeye earlier this year.

The video starts when Trooper Scott Lacey tries to pull over a minivan that had expired vehicle registration near a Chevron on Jackrabbit Trail just south of McDowell Road shortly before 9 p.m. on March 9. The driver doesn't stop despite Lacey's use of the lights and sirens on his marked SUV.

They continue north on Jackrabbit until the minivan driver tries to turn onto Lewis Avenue. The minivan rolls over in the dirt.

"Do not move! Do not move!" Lacey is heard yelling in the video.

Then can see a man, identified as 40-year-old Jose German, run and Lacey deploy his TASER. German immediately falls to the ground and is heard screaming in pain. Lacey continues to tell German not to move.

Ow! I'm sorry," German says while on the ground.

German starts to get up.

"Do not move, or I'll get again," Lacey shouts. "Get on the ground!"

German doesn't, and he starts running away.

It sounds like Lacey tries to deploy his TASER again, but the pair are seen in the video running into the darkness.

Then gunshots are heard, and German falls to the ground.

"Shots fired! 998!" said Lacey. "Subject down."

German later died. Lacey had only scrapes on his elbow and knee, and didn't need to go to the hospital, DPS said.

DPS said German shot at the trooper, and Lacey returned fire.

A second man, Adrian Campos, was in the minivan and ran off, but he wasn't seen on the dashcam, DPS said.



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Location: Buckeye, AZ