Pigeon prepares for take-off while clinging onto plane in incredible video

This was the hilarious moment a pigeon was spotted clinging onto the wing of a plane at Gatwick airport during take-off.

The clip, filmed on August 26, 2019, shows the pigeon bracing itself for take-off by ducking down against the wind.

The filmer, Luke Cambell told Newsflare: "I can't believe I caught it on camera! A pigeon can be seen clinging onto the plane on takeoff! I was surprised it managed to cling on for as long as it did, to be honest! I thought it was going to be there with us the whole flight!

"The pigeon was unharmed from what I could tell, it just took a bit of a tumble when the wind speed became too much!"


By: NewsFlare (84612.00)

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