Couple takes video when smashing up a restaurants window

The owner of Fuse Bar, a downtown coffee shop and cocktail bar, is looking to identify a couple caught on camera recording themselves smashing the shop’s windows.

Azim Patel said cameras caught the couple around 1 am on Thursday morning while protests were going on nearby. In the video, they can be seen passing a baton-like object to each other. Patel thinks it’s a shock absorber.

The beginning of the video shows the woman trying to unsuccessfully break the window. She seems giddy with excitement.

“He takes it from her, she’s filming him now, he swings it baseball style and just crashes through, and then they just walk away. She’s jumping up and down in joy, which, you know is so sad,” he said.

“It was almost like they were doing it for their social media. I mean, recording something like that, I don’t know who their friends are, but I don’t see too many people looking at that and thinking wow, you’re cool. That’s not going to get a lot of likes, at least if you have friends like mine.”

Patel posted the surveillance video on social media to try and identify the couple and has gotten some tips.

“I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to who the male is, and I forwarded it to the police,” he said. “I’m hoping they can do something about it. We need to send a strong message to people like that.”

He said police took a report but gave him the sense that amid all the other protest damage, it wasn’t going to be a high priority.

Patel said he strongly supports the peaceful protest movement but is disappointed that people like this couple are taking advantage of the situation to hurt small businesses.



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