What you expect when you get a phone alert of 'intruder' in your home... only to discover it's not your worst fear

A man away on business received an alert to his phone saying there was an intruder in his home - only to discover footage of his girlfriend dancing with his dog in their kitchen.
Jose Perez Brunet always arms the cameras in his home, in East Hartford, Connecticut, when he's away, and an alert is sent if any human activity is detected, sending the footage to his phone.

While Mr Brunet was on a work trip in Columbus, Georgia, he was settling down for bed - and that's he when he saw the video message.
The 33-year-old was amazed to see his girlfriend Keysla Mora, 26, who works evenings, dancing with his female Labrador-chowchow-cross.
The dog, called Nina, has her front paws around Ms Mora's waist as they boogie around the kitchen in unison.
Nina lets go at one point but then stands again to continue their dance, merrily wagging her tail.
The couple found Nina on a Craigslist ad and have said she's the princess of the house, demanding attention in a nice way - and that sometimes takes the form of a dance.


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