Brazil store forced to shut down on opening day after hundreds of shoppers crowd premises

A store in Brazil was forced to shut down after hundreds of customers were seen rushing through the doors on opening day.

Footage from October 11 shows hundreds of people, many maskless, rushing to enter the shopping centre in Belém, Pará.

The Havan store - where the footage was captured - was inaugurating its 150th store in Brazil, which caused the throngs of visitors to descend on the premises.

Pará governor Helder Barbalho ordered the store to be shut down for not respecting social distancing guidelines.

The town of Belém where the video was captured has reported over 38,000 cases of coronavirus and over 2,000 deaths.

Brazil has over 5 million cases of COVID-19 and has suffered upwards of 150,000 deaths.


By: NewsFlare (105729.00)

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