"Juanín, Commit Suicide In Prison"

Alleged murderer escorted to the jury gets the public heat.
"They're going to pay for it, the dead of yours are going to take them out of the cemetery and we're going to make a joint with them", "Juanín, commit suicide in jail", or "we're going to take your family away", are just some of the phrases that have been heard in the courts to which today the alleged assassin Juanín has come. Celes abandoned her husband Juanín and fled with her brother-in-law and that, as Juanín threatened, had a price: death. So hard and so real, because in a fit of jealousy, he hired himself in his parents' house and shot his two sisters-in-law and his mother-in-law with a shotgun. One of them died and the other is in serious condition. Now the residents of the municipality of Madrid live in fear that they will continue the desire for revenge and reprisal. And the facts that have been seen in the funeral of one of the victims only confirm these fears. The law of the eye for an eye can occur in Aranjuez before a neighborhood that contains breath. The war between the families is already marked by fire.


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Location: Madrid, Spain