Police shoot at the tires of a drunk driver escaping from the police; got into an accident

In Feodosia, a van driven by a drunk driver flew off the roadway and crashed into a concrete fence. The accident was preceded by a chase: the police during the pursuit for some time demanded that the fleeing man stop, and in the end were forced to shoot on wheels.

Shortly before the incident on December 7th, road users called the police and complained about a scorcher creating emergency situations. The outfit drove out and quickly found the right car, but its driver refused to stop and tried to hide.

While the police were chasing the van, he managed to rudely violate the rules of the road several times and crash into a passenger car. After the inspectors started shooting at the wheels, the car took off from the roadway, crashed into a fence and rolled over.

The fugitive was injured - before the ambulance arrived, the police gave him first aid. According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Crimea, a 42-year-old native of the Bryansk region was diagnosed with open craniocerebral trauma, fractures of the right and left clavicles, lacerations of the neck and intoxication.

It turned out that the victim had previously been repeatedly held liable for traffic violations and was driving while intoxicated.


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Location: Feodosia