Officer justified in fatal shooting when struggling with a suspect who used a taser of the officer

A man dressed in black refused instructions from a police officer and began fighting with the officer early on the morning of November 30.

The officer tried to deploy a shock from a Taser to the man, to no avail.

Then the man got hold of the Taser - and used it on the officer.

With the suspect on top of him and portions of his body incapacitated by shocks from the Taser, the officer managed to retrieve his gun and fire 3 times into the suspect's abdomen.

Other officers arrived on scene and provided first aid to the suspect, who died from his injuries.

A preliminary drug screen on the deceased man show the probable presence of methamphetamine, amphetamines, opioids and THC, the active ingredient in cannabis.

Those are new details from the Interagency Deadly Force Investigation Team, revealed Friday morning by District Attorney Patty Perlow.

Eliborio Rodrigues Jr died after being stopped by Officer Samuel Tykol at 12:32 a.m. that day in the 1400 block of Acacia Avenue in the North Eugene area.

Perlow said Tykol was justified in using deadly force against Rodrigues as the officer fought for his life.

But she urged law enforcement to review policies for handling uncooperative suspects - and she reminded the public not to fight with law enforcement.

"I hope EPD, and other Lane County law enforcement agencies, will review this incident and their policies to make sure they are designed to promote the safety of our officers and citizens when an officer is alone and a citizen who has committed a pedestrian violation but no observed crime, becomes uncooperative," Perlow said. "And I hope our citizens will recognize that it is never safe to fight with law enforcement and, if believe that a stop was unlawful, to raise that issue in a court of law."

The officer's initial contact with Rodrigues and the start of the struggle was captured on the officer's body camera.

"The physical fight knocked Officer Tykol’s body worn camera off of his uniform and it shut off when it hit the pavement," according to the district attorney.


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