Amazing accidental save as boy breaks his friend's fall from third floor balcony

This is the heart-stopping moment an 11-year-old boy falls from the third floor of a building, only to have his fall broken by a nearby friend by accident, leaving both unhurt.

The stunning incident occurred in Pusad in Maharashtra, India, on November 11 and was caught on a nearby CCTV camera.

A group of boys were playing on a street when their kite got stuck on the third floor balcony of a building. Swapnil Zagre, 11, went up the building and managed to free the kite, which fell to the ground.

His friend Amol, also 11, who was on the ground, rushed to pick up the kite and bent over. At that exact same moment Swapnil fell from the third floor and landed on Amol, breaking his fall and saving his life.


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