Dennis Rodman Accused Of Stealing 2 Days in a Row.

Vibes Hot Yoga in Newport Beach says Dennis Rodman was one of four suspects who stole for over $3,500 , including a 400-pound crystal, on May 7.

Store owners says, Dennis Rodman and three of his friends visited the studio just days ago. While there, the owner claims that a woman that accompanied Rodman went throughout the store, taking items of clothing off of the racks before she stuffed them in her purse.
There was also a moment when a $2,500 crystal was shattered after the man Rodman was with attempted to place it on a dolly. When it was destroyed, the group refused to pay for the item and left the establishment. ( Short video1 and Longer video2)

Things are now take an even stranger turn because now the owner says Rodman and Co. returned the following day on May 8 and stole even more items.

And yes, there's video footage of it all going down...again. The owner also claims that one of the women who came in with Rodman was there during the first visit and she returned to the store wearing an item she stole.


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