Police block food from entering Venezuelan Embassy amidst standoff

Now two weeks into a standoff against police and Juan Guaidó supporters, a coalition of activists with CODEPINK, ANSWER Coalition, and "Poor People's Army" attempted a food delivery to their comrades barricaded inside the Venezuelan Embassy.

As one activist inside dropped a rope down to attach a bag to, police demanded that he "let go!", and then cut it himself.

Police pushed the activists away, who failed to get food up. From inside the building, activist Margaret Flowers yelled that "We're filing lawsuits against every police officer that blocks food from being taken into the building."

Activists on the ground photographed the badges of Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers on the scene, but Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agents, which fall under State Department, refused to identify themselves.

Later, a brief pushing scuffle occurred between activists on both sides.

"Give them food!" chanted the Maduro supporters.

The pro-Guaidó folks responded "tell that to Maduro!" and that they could eat if they leave the embassy.


By: WashingtonAndBeyond (831.30)

Tags: Venezuela Washington DC Trump Pence, Give them food!" chanted the Maduro supporters.

Location: Washington, DC, USA