Deads: over 1.000
Infected: over 14.000
Healed: over 1.300
Filmed: 13 March 2020 h.15 (around)
Location: Bologna old centre

These are my images from my city, Bologna, Northern Italy (8o km from Florence):

Citizens can go out the home after filled a form of self-certification (please avoid misuse):

All Italy is considered "Area Rossa" (Red Zone/Area), until the 25th March 2020

We are locked into our houses, we can go out only for:
- few kinds of work (justified/motivated and urgent)
- buy food (only one person for a family)
- medical emergencies

The main thoughts are:
- who will be next?
- Am I infected?
- What future?

God bless all of you, brothers. Please, DON'T UNDERSTIMATE IT. Me and my little family will be happy to stay in contact with you.
Mamma mia!

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