The moment of the announcement that a Greek neo-nazi party, was declared a criminal organization by the Greek Court.

This the moment they announce the verdict of the Greek Court to the thousands of anti-fascists gathered outside, that Golden Dawn was found to be run as a criminal organization.
Immediately after the police attacks the democratic people. Half of the Greek Police Force voted the neo-nazi party in 2012. New Democracy, the Greek conservative party who runs the country is trying to the cap the decision while they co-operated with the neo-nazis in the past.
Golden Dawn is an old neo-nazi party that took advantage of the dismay of the people against the political system during the 2010 recession and by camouflaging their actual ideology managed to elect 21 mps in the Greek Parliament in 2012. Their achievement inspired similar organizations around the world who started using the camouflaging strategy and now we have again the rise of fascists.
Neo nazis in Greece will now return to prison. Their natural habitat but the war is not over.


By: amare (232.80)

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Location: Athens, Greece