Patrol Vehicle Set on Fire With Officer Inside

On Thursday afternoon near Denny Park, police said, a Seattle police officer sitting in a patrol vehicle suffered minor burns after a man allegedly set the vehicle on fire.

Officers responded to the South Lake Union park around 2 p.m. Seattle police spokesman Detective Patrick Michaud said after receiving calls that a man was walking around with a piece of burning lumber.

“The guy walks up to the police car (and) either puts the flaming stick into the patrol car or breaks a window and puts it in,” Michaud said. The patrol vehicle, which was parked in an alleyway off John Street, became engulfed in flames.
The cop inside the police cruiser shot the man but didn’t hit him, Michaud said, and the suspect fled the scene.

Cops chased the man to the neighboring parking garage, where they hit him with a stun gun and ended up taking him into custody


By: MadChadMcluvin (824.00)

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Location: Seattle