Gas Station Guard is Disarmed by Thug and Shot with His Own Gun

A security guard was shot during a robbery at a gas station on Tuesday night in Cubatão, São Paulo. One of the criminals used the vigilante's own weapon to shoot him. Then the assailants fled with the revolver, the cell phone, and goods from the station. The action was recorded by the site's monitoring cameras. Footage from the morning of this Wednesday (10), shows all the action. So far, no one has been arrested.

The robbery occurred at a station located on Avenida Nove de Abril, in the Vila Elisabeth neighborhood. According to police, two men entered the fuel station around 11:50 am. One of them, in a red shirt, walked toward the security guard. Meanwhile, the other, in a black shirt, went to the convenience store at the station.

Upon seeing the assailant, the security man pulled the gun from his waist. However, the criminal surrendered the vigilante, managed to throw it to the ground and, after a brief fight, stole his weapon. Lying down, the security man could not defend himself, and the robber shot twice. The shots hit the guard's neck and hand. Then the burglar rushed out and entered the convenience store to call the comparsa. On the escape, he took the cell phone from the security guard, who was still on the ground, and the pair left the post running. All the action lasted less than a minute.

The security guard is a former military police officer and was being treated for neck cancer. Because of the illness, witnesses say he was more debilitated. The lookout was taken to the Emergency Room of Cubatão and transferred, at dawn, to the Santa Casa de Santos, where he remains hospitalized. The health status of the victim has not yet been officially disclosed by the hospital.

The case was registered in the Headquarters Office of Cubatão and will be sent to the city's 1st Police District. So far, no one has been arrested. The images of the monitoring cameras can help police find the perpetrators of the crime that, according to witnesses, have already acted at other gas stations in the same region.


By: Viking Marauder (1231.20)

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Location: Cubatão, SP, Brazil