Trump turning on Washington as one by one his support fades. Scaramucci calls trump for what he is, gets wrath of the Cheeto back.

After another republican creeps out from the swamp named sociopath trump, calls out the liar and cheat for what he is. Divider, hater, and crazy. Unfit for leadership. Well trump can put down the hamburder wrappers and tweet out retaliation as he thinks a sitting president should. After all he hates America, Americans, and democracy.

Donald J. Trump
Scaramucci, who like so many others had nothing to do with my Election victory, is only upset that I didn’t want him back in the Administration (where he desperately wanted to be). Also, I seldom had time to return his many calls to me. He just wanted to be on TV!
3:31 PM · Aug 12, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

Well really this is just an excuse to meme it up. Feel free, the dons fair game.


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