Shocking moment Texas landlord tries to evict tenant at gunpoint

A quiet evening, sometime after midnight on August 14, Jesse Servin, a 33-year-old from San Antonio, Texas, was threatened by his landlord, Alberto Trevino, at gunpoint who was trying to quickly evict him and his family from past rent dues.

The landlord tried to evict Jesse and his partner Julie because they had not posted their rent.

"I had offered him what I had, but he didn't want it," Servin said.

Servin added that prior to the incident, the landlord tried to intimidate them by sending threats to his phone, changing their locks, and disconnecting their air conditioning.

The landlord allegedly forced himself into their home and into their bedroom demanding them to get out of the house at gunpoint.

Jesse says he recognized the voice as Trevino.

“He was screaming at us in Spanish. You know, ‘Get out. Get out,’” said Servin.

Police later arrived and deescalated the situation.

Jesse and his family are currently trying to raise money for a new place to live through their GoFundMe page.


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