'He's still going!' US truck doesn't notice cows tumbling from back of vehicle

A truck driver failed to notice a herd of cows that were tumbling out of the back of their vehicle onto a road in Middlebury, Vermont.

The bizarre spectacle occurred on December 31, 2019, seeing over a dozen cows fall one-by-one from the back of a transport truck in front of bewildered motorists.

Jordan Allen managed to record the incident and told Newsflare: "Joey Gould and I were going through Middlebury around 12pm on December 31 when we saw a blue flatbed truck with a cattle trailer driving down Main Street.

"The gate on the trailer had opened and the first cow fell out and the truck kept going then a few more fell out and they just kept falling out as he was driving."

According to reports, none of the cows were injured and they were all rounded up and loaded back into the truck.


By: NewsFlare (60666.00)

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