[Second] Body cam footage released, charges filed against suspect accused of shooting at police

This is the SECOND body cam, from the Officer who shot the victim ..... Shooting at 19:00

Body camera footage was released and charges were filed against John Chatman who is accused of shooting at police in a QuikTrip parking lot last Tuesday.

The shootout happened at the QuikTrip off of Interstate 44 near 51st and Harvard on July 3.

Police say two officers stopped a minivan after discovering the tags didn't match the vehicle. Once officers made contact with the driver, they say he was "defiant and uncooperative."

According to police, back up was called in and officers tried to use pepper balls to get the suspect out, and the suspect opened fire on officers, hitting one in the leg.

Police fired back, hitting the man at least once in the chest.

Chatman has been charged with three counts of shooting with intent to kill, possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony, obstruction, driving under suspension and improper tag.



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