Dog Abuser Captured On Home Surveillance Footage Now In Custody

Cristina Rykalski was at home minding her own business when a woman she did not know, who was accompanied by a leashed dog, came to her door asking for directions. After Rykalski asked the unknown woman to leave her property, a commotion was heard. The police were called but when Rykalski looked outside again, the woman was leaving. What she later saw on her home surveillance footage sparked outrage and a call for justice.

A woman unknown to homeowner Cristina Rykalski approached her house inquiring about the location of Lake Blvd in Redding, CA. She gave the woman directions and expected her to leave.

Rykalski reported on Facebook, “This woman came to my home this afternoon January 8th and knocked on my door asking for directions to Lake Blvd. I gave her directions and expected her to leave, locked the door and went to get my phone. I believed she lost control of her dog because my rooster was lose and thought he went chasing after him. I called the police and by the time I checked on her again she was leaving out the gate.

Later that evening, Rykalski reviewed the footage captured while the stranger was on her property. As she indicated, her rooster had been loose and she though the dog had chased it. Curious what the fuss was all about, she took a look at her surveillance footage and was disgusted and horrified at what she saw. The woman was seen hitting, kicking, and even biting the leashed dog. At one point the dog rolls over into a submissive position but the woman continues to wail on the dog. The footage is disturbing and terrible. Determined to bring justice upon this woman and save this abused dog, Rykalski released the footage to Facebook and asked people to identify the woman.

She posted, “Well I checked my cameras this evening and it turns out this woman was beating and kicking the poor dog. I am hoping to get this footage to whomever needs to see it, this may not even be her dog? Idk I do know this breaks my heart though.”

Thanks to the diligent work of the Haven Humane Society and the Redding Police Department, the woman in the video was arrested just two days after the video footage was put online. The dog has been taken into the Haven Humane Society and is reportedly safe. No word yet on what charges have been filed or if the dog will be put up for adoption. For the time being, rest easy knowing this helpless creature is in good, safe, hands.


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Location: Haven Humane Society