Man Accidentally Killed by His Brother at Sister's Wedding Celebration

Hasan Koyun was killed at his sister's street wedding in Niğde after he was shot by his brother.

The incident took place in Bağcık neighborhood of Bor district. He was shot with a gun during the street wedding. The bullet from the gun hit the bride's brother Hasan Koyun. The father of two was taken to Niğde Ömer Halisdemir Training and Research Hospital, despite all the intervention he could not be saved.

Police teams launched an investigation after the incident, detained 9 suspects. Teams, in their study, found the person who fired the pistol to be Hasan Koyun's brother Ramazan Koyun. Ramazan Koyun, who was caught with the crime weapon, was arrested and sent to prison.



By: Viking Marauder (1231.30)

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Location: Nigde, Niğde Merkez/Niğde, Turkey