Anarchist Criminal organisation attacks Hungarian tourist, Greece

A criminal gang of Anarchists attacked a Hungarian tourist in Athens, Greece
on 11 October 2018.

The above video is a PR stunt from the criminal gang.

The ties of anarchist groups with organized crime are well established.
These anarchist criminal gangs are comprised of a mix of self loathing teenagers, drug addicts, criminals and terrorist murderers.
The leaders of the criminal gangs have also, in recent years, populated their gangs with Albanian criminals who have ties to the organized crime (heroin trafficking, passport forgery, illegal immigrant smuggling, assasination contracts).

Today, one of those anarchist criminal gangs uploaded a video of their murderous attack on a Hungarian tourist who was in Greece
to watch the football match between Greece and Hungary.

The reason of the attack is believed to be the Hungarian national flag the tourist was carrying in support of his national team.

At the end of the video, you can see the passport of the victim of the attack on display by the criminal organization.

The anarchist criminals are displaying it as a trophy but it is strongly believed that the passport will be sold in the black market for criminal gains of their organization.

These people are dangerous and must be swiftly brought to justice.


By: disco^inferno (635.00)

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Location: Athens, Greece