Heartwarming moment man risks life to save a deer stuck in Indian swamp

A touching scene unfolded in northeastern India earlier this week when a man risked his life to rescue a deer which was stuck in a swamp.

Footage filmed on October 14th in the Nagaon district of Assam state shows a small deer trapped in shallow water, unable to climb onto the riverbank.

Local man Sanjib arrives and swims to the stricken animal.

He hauls the 15-kilo ungulate onto his shoulders, climbs onto the riverbank and wades through thick mud before tenderly placing the deer on dry land.

"The deer was very much tired and was not able to stand on his legs," said Sanjib.

"I put him in sunlight and massaged his legs and then slowly he started standing on his legs," he said.

Sanjib then carried the deer into the forest.

"When I left him the deer was turning and looking at me and I got tears in my eyes," Sanjib said.

"I said bye-bye to him and left," he concluded.


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Location: India