China release hypersonic stealth drone fighter "Dark Sword"

China released images of a new, unmanned, stealth fighter-style jet, and they present a shocking look into how close Beijing has come to unseating the US as the dominant military air power. Expert said Dark Sword is geared towards supersonic to hypersonic performance and fighter-style capability that are enhanced by advance AI. A single Dark Sword is expected to air dominate a region for several hours (kick down the door) while older 4th gen warplane will decimate enemy ground assets. In the past, Chinese military have always delivered actual warplanes whenever they released photos of the weapon development. This is
because the Chinese do not bluff with vapor-ware. We know Dark Sword is in the advance stage of development because of recent news that China have ordered serial production of SCRAM jet engines, which are needed in several hypersonic project.;IR=T



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