Wild elephants smash through concrete wall to reach jungle in Thailand

This is the astonishing moment a herd of wild elephants smashed through a concrete wall to reach the jungle.

Wildlife workers were alerted to the family of jumbos roaming around Chachoengsao, central Thailand last Thursday (February 13) evening.

The beasts were tracked as they stomped towards a white barrier put in place to prevent them from getting onto a nearby road.

However, the elephants found a small gap in the white, concrete wall and charged through, destroying the section.

Park rangers can be heard in the video shouting ''go, go, go'' as the elephants crossed the road and disappeared into the dense woodland.

Workers later alerted drivers in the area that a herd of elephants were on the move, amid fears that they could crash into them.

Wildlife officer Anuchit Chakkaew said: ''There are lots of elephants living in this area so drivers have to be careful when they are using this route.

''We would never want humans or elephants to be injured again from the car accident."

Anuchit said a team was assigned to the area to track the elephants and warn farmers that they could be trample across their land.

He added: ''The wall is there to keep the elephants away from the road and prevent accidents. Unfortunately they didn't pay any notice to that.''


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