Tourists panic as bear jumps onto their car and cracks windscreen in Chinese zoo

Tourists panic after a bear jumped on their car and fractured the windscreen in southern China.

The footage, filmed in a zoo in Hainan province, shows a bear jumping on the tourists’ car and cracking the windscreen.

It’s reported that when tourists stopped in the Black Bear Park of the Wildlife and Botanical Garden, a black bear suddenly climbed onto the car and tried to climb on the roof.

After 10 seconds, the staff car at the zoo drove the black bear away. Many scratches were left on the tourist car and the front windshield was fractured.

According to the zoo, the park clearly reminds visitors that parking is not allowed before they drive into the area. After negotiation, the zoo fully compensated for the car repair costs.

The video was filmed on November 15 and provided by local media.


By: NewsFlare (99015.00)

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Location: China