Officers save 3 people, 1 dog in water rescue minutes before vehicle goes off bridge

Three people and a dog are alive and safe thanks to the efforts of a group of Austin police officers.

On Friday, May 3, Southwest Austin was experiencing heavy rain and flood conditions. According to the Austin Police Department, officers responded to the 6700 block of Old Bee Caves Road after receiving a report of someone hearing a woman crying.

Officers arrived at the scene and located a vehicle caught in rushing water on a low water crossing bridge.

Officers Cochran and Valli said a woman was leaning out of the passenger-side window, screaming for help when they arrived.

Officers quickly created a plan. Officer Matthew Valli put on a life preserver and tied a rope to it, while Officers Benjamin Cochran and Office Perrydore held the other end of the rope.

"Both officer Valli and I are former lifeguards and we had training in the military with helicopters, crashes," Officer Cochran said. "So we're both in the same mindset about how to act in the water."

"I was like, 'We just need to do something now or they're going to go over and it's not going to end well,'" Officer Valli said.

Officer Valli entered the rushing water and approached the vehicle as it was getting closer to going over the side of the bridge. The officers removed two women. When the first woman got out, Officer Cochran said the water was low enough for her to walk to them, but it was rising.

They were removing a third woman and a dog when the vehicle continued to move.


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Location: Austin, TX