Argument over parking spot escalates into full-blown fight in northern India

Arguments over parking slots are a normal day occurrence but this one in north India quickly escalated into a full-blown street fight.

The incident took place on December 4 in Piran Kaliyar area in Haridwar district's Roorkee city, Uttarakhand.

Footage shows a group of people viciously fighting with sticks and rakes, but more people then begin charging into the scene, endangering the lives of others on the street.

A guest house adjacent to the hardware shop, where the fight broke out, bring down their shutters to prevent further damage.

Eventually police arrived and had to use batons to break up the fight.

According to reports, at least five people were injured, and were rushed to the Roorkee Civil Hospital for treatment.

Allegedly the fight started after a store owner asked a man to move his bike which was blocking the shop’s entrance.


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