YouTube where history is being 'de-monetized'. The Prison Breakout at Cowra & British Challenger 2 Tank Upgrade

Two websites I frequent 'The History Guy' : & 'Matsimum' are now both having their content de-monetized which is really disturbing. Lack of explanation by YouTube incredibly frustrating. Just wanted to pass these recent stories from the respective authors about what is happening to them for a bit of LiveLeak discussion. Will also add both authors material has been on LiveLeak (numerous times before) & all credit to them for the included material. My 2 cents think those who put quality material on the Internet shouldn't feel bad (or be denied) donations which helps make for better content. Location I put was for YouTube HQ.

From the description in the first 'The History Guy' video:
The is the same exact episode that was posted last October, with a few changes in the pictures. YouTube "de-monetized" the first posting, and, as is their unconscionable policy, has refused to provide any explanation. I have changed some photos in a good faith attempt to understand their bizarre and opaque application of poorly described community guidelines, moving a photo that, while I maintain was never shocking and clearly presented within historical context, might be the reason for the claim that the video was deemed "not advertiser friendly." To be 100% clear: This is an educational episode about actual historical events. Nothing in the episode is presented without clear context. There is no intent, whatsoever, to shock or offend. There is no presentation of gore or violence except in the clear and obvious context of the important historical events. If any member of any YouTube team seeks to restrict this video in any way, have the common decency of emailing me at describing the precise information or image that supposedly violates a policy. Please do not just link community guidelines that do not explain why certain episodes have been targeted. I do not believe that I have ever presented any episode of THG on YouTube with intent to shock or offend, nor have I presented gore or shocking images gratuitously. I do not believe that it is in the interest of YouTube, its creators, advertisers or viewers, to block the presentation of history because history is often shocking in its very nature. Remembering history is important, and plays a vital role in society. It should not be censored. Sensibilities should not move in society such that we cannot remember the past simply because the past has often been difficult. If we neglect to learn these lessons, the future will be made much more difficult. If the viewer believes that the information in this episode is appropriate and provides value, please say so in the comments. If you see a reason that such a video should not have the benefit of advertising, I do respect all opinions, and ask that you make a clear argument and indicate a time-stamp for whatever information you think crosses a line. I am truly and respectfully seeking solutions where YouTube, which has offered me an extraordinary platform and connected me to my wonderful audience, has refused to help creators in a meaningful way. If you feel that content such as this should not be censored, please consider my Patreon page.

From the description in second Matsimus video: was fun while it lasted everyone. This may be the last video for quite some time. YouTube has demonitized my channel and I’ve lost features that help my channel. I am utterly heartbroken considering I try my best to stay within the rules. I work hard for this channel and sometimes is nice to see what I work hard for have reward. However I’m not here to make money. But it will be a big hit to my channels exposure and for our future charity livestream that I wanted to do. Which I now cannot do. So I will wait 30 days.. and try again. The British Army is looking to upgrade and modernize the technology and capabitlies of the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank which has been in service for quite some time. The recent news that the tank will get a new turret and 120mm smoothbore gun has raised a lot of excitement but also questions. In this video we take a look at the options we may see for the future of this amazing British tank. Hope you enjoy!! ???? Want to support my channel? Check out my Patreon Donation page! ???? Check out my Merch: My PO Box: Matthew James 210A - 12A Street N Suite #135 Lethbridge Alberta Canada T1H2J DISCORD: ???? Facebook: ????Twitter:



By: Greg Nester (1973.60)

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