Panodrama - An Exposé of the Fake News BBC!

-Taxpayer-funded working alongside a radical far left organisation for Panorama to 'take down Tommy Robinson'

- Blackmailing my former employees to invent stories

- Hope not Hate on set with the , calling the shots and intimidating my ex-employees during interview

- caught on camera telling an ex-employee the questions they would ask her in the interview and the answers that she needed to say for it to air (scripted fake interviews!)

- caught on camera suggesting they could edit and clip an argument I had with an ex-employee to portray a totally different angle and to quote John Sweeney on camera he could make it 'a gender, a sexual thing against Tommy Robinson'. ( creating fake #MeToo stories!)

- likening the working class to cannibals in the jungle whose vocabulary is limited to the words F*ck off.

- Journalists giving zero shits about your hard earned £150 licence fee and spending on midweek £220 champagne lunches.

- Oh, and the face of panorama being casually and homophobic.

If anything the establishment is going to come back at me with all guns blazing so please sign up at for free so I can keep in contact with you when they eventually shut me down like the fascists that they are.

I wonder how long it will be until YT and others take down this video or his channel?;t=441s
- video encodings still in process -


By: Bobzzzzz (9.20)

Tags: Panadrama, BBC, Tommy Robinson, John Sweeney.

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