Delivery truck's tire blows out scattering chill peppers across motorway

This is the shocking moment a truck's rear tire blows out - scattering sparks and red hot chilli peppers across the road.

The pickup truck was delivering food to restaurants when the accident happened on an expressway flyover in Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday (September 28).

Dashcam footage shows the moment the tire exploded and the car skidded briefly on the metal rims as orange sparks flew out.

The vehicle then lost control and toppled over onto its right side leaving a trail of vegetables including spring onions, cabbages, herbs and red hot chilli peppers strewn across the road.

Luckily, the driver and passenger were unharmed and clambered from the upturned cabin as other drivers stopped to help.

The passing motorist who recorded the video said that fortunately the van did not strike any other cars.

She added: ''The crash happened right before our eyes. Just seeing it was scary, so I feel for the people who were inside.

''Nobody was hurt, which was very fortunate. Seeing this should be a reminder for everyone to be careful while they're driving.''

A tow truck arrived to retrieve the damage vehicle while the traffic police and the driver helped to clean up the food and debris from the road.


By: NewsFlare (94620.00)

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Location: Thailand